Introducing "Ton Chicks" - The Ultimate Play-to-Earn Crypto Game on the TON Network!

Prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience in the style of Angry Birds, but with a thrilling twist. "Ton Chicks" takes you on a journey into a world of crypto-powered adventure on the TON Network, The Open Network.

In this captivating Telegram game, your skills and strategic prowess will be put to the test as you embark on a quest to conquer challenging levels, topple obstacles, and aim for the highest scores. But here's where the excitement truly begins - "Ton Chicks" isn't just about the thrill of the game; it's about the rewards!

Every week, players have the chance to earn valuable crypto rewards based on their performance. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for some fun, "Ton Chicks" offers everyone the opportunity to play, compete, and earn cryptocurrency in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Join us in the world of "Ton Chicks" and get ready to unleash your gaming skills while reaping the benefits of Play-to-Earn on the TON Network. It's time to aim, shoot, and earn like never before!



This is a ZERO % Tax token. TON does not have any taxes on their tokens! So trading is easy!

Play To Earn
Team Tokens


Create a TON Wallet: First, you need a wallet compatible with the TON blockchain. Select from various options like smartphone apps, desktop apps, Chrome browser plug-ins, or Telegram bots at For transactions on, recommended wallets include Tonkeeper, Tonhub, or TON Wallet. Follow the installation instructions carefully and securely store your 24-word seed phrase.

Acquire TON Tokens: To swap for TonChick, you must first own TON tokens, which are the primary currency on the TON network. Purchase TON tokens from a cryptocurrency exchange such as and transfer them to your TON-compatible wallet. Or you can bridge from another chain using

Use for Swapping Tokens: Access, a decentralized exchange on the TON blockchain. With TON tokens in your wallet, use to swap them for TonChick tokens. Ensure you have the correct TonChick token address for the transaction.

This is the TonChick contract Address:


Play To Earn

Ton Chicks" is here to revolutionize your Telegram experience! This thrilling game is seamlessly integrated into Telegram, so you can play without leaving your favorite messaging app. Your high scores and progress are effortlessly tracked through Telegram usernames, making it easy to compete with friends.

Here's the exciting part: Every week, we reward the top X players with TonChick tokens. These tokens are gaining value in the crypto gaming world, offering real rewards for your gaming skills.

While "Ton Chicks" is still in development, we're committed to its success. With three experienced game developers on board, we're crafting an engaging experience. Stay tuned for in-game footage over the next few days. Later down the line we will be integrating the native token into the game, however this will take a bit more time!

Join us on this journey, and get ready to play, earn, and enjoy "Ton Chicks" on the TON Network – it's gaming like never before!

For now we can share our Intro Game Banner with you! More footage coming soon


We will be making an NFT collection of TonChicks very soon! Holders will get special benefits and rewards! More information on this will be available soon!